Saturday, November 10, 2012

Update & Holidayze!

Hello all! So I haven't updated in a while... I've moved to Flagstaff from San Francisco, and started a new job which is crazy busy!!! This is probably why the shop has such little stock, though I'm working on that!

Also, I took the CA bar exam in July... and I'm taking AZ in February! So busy. Anyways, just an update to say-- I'm still here!!

I'm working on making more stuff and getting it uploaded to the shop in time for holiday shopping. Busy! Here's a new listing!

Southwestern Dangles

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Customer Service

Blogger is Brand New!! It's been awhile since I've been gone and look at that- blogger's gone and changed on me. Anyways, so sorry for the long time, no see! Life is busy as a law student and I am sure I will fade again once again when the bar prep starts in a few weeks.

Anyways, I was inspired to write a post about good customer service. This is because earlier this week a lovely buyer of mine noticed that a package was not received by when Delivery Confirmation said it had been. Of course, as a seller I was worried I was out some money- after all I had sent it. But, as a buyer often myself I trusted her, asked her to check around and offered to remake the necklace. Luckily the customer found the necklace in some mail her Mom had picked up. But, it was a good lesson for me to make sure I am providing the best customer service I can.

Luckily, my products are relatively cheap to make and ship, so if I had to re-send it would be certainly hardly be a loss. If I had to refund, maybe. But, I must always remember that the customer is right. When someone leaves a transaction feeling good about it- they are going to rave about the product and hopefully, give shout outs to my shop as well.

 I was also inspired because just earlier today I ordered some knitting needles (I'm full throttle back into crazed sock typical!) on eBay. I panicked when I realized I ordered the wrong ones from the shop and promptly ordered the right ones and emailed hoping to cancel the earlier order. The shop - handsomefibers, - immediately emailed me and canceled the payment, and the transaction! It was so quick and effortless. Another example of excellent customer service.

 It's hard to know when to draw the line with customers but something one of my first bosses (at a knitting store no less) taught me is that the customer is always right! The shop can take a hit monetarily, but making the customer happy will always be beneficial in the end! Have a happy Sunday!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

My very first craft fair! (Sort of)

That is a picture of my very handsome boyfriend and are lovely Elysia Crafts display!

We went to the Jamaica Plain Winter Flea held at Spontaneous Celebrations (an amazing neighborhood group). It was mostly folks selling vintage stuff, and we got placed upstairs (less traffic). BUT! It was an affordable event and I sold TWELVE items! Yay! There were a couple of other crafters around, too. One woman, across from me, had beautiful screen printed fabrics and shirts.

Another photo of our display! So much fun! It was great thinking of ways to display my stuff, and I stole the pin idea from my amazing mother. It's how she's displayed her earrings in her closet since she was in college! A very fun, thrifty way to show off my stuff. And it lets customers feel the jewelry before making a purchase. I also used paint chip cards- which got a lot of compliments to display some extra stuff.

Overall, it was very fun and definitely a success. I'm planning on going to other flea markets, farmers markets or events when I make my move to CALIFORNIA in less than a week!!

Can't wait! I'd love to hear about all of your craft fair/ flea market first experiences! Any sage words of advice?

Friday, February 17, 2012


Hello everyone!

I'm featured at For Love of a Cupcake right now!

Enter to win a pair of my Turquoise Heishi Earrings!

Check out Amanda's awesome blog as well. She blogs about crafts, life, fashion, yummy food and fitness. It's a great blog that I love to read! Check it out!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Avid Team Giveaway

Hello all! Very exciting news- I'm getting very involved with various giveaways to increase exposure and OF COURSE make more Etsy and Blogger friends!

This is one VERY exciting and an awesome opportunity. If you leave a comment on this treasury, you get the chance to win the WHOLE thing!!! 16 items! How crazy is that?!?!

Here is the link: Avid Team Treasury Giveaway

Here is a picture of the treasury! Make sure to comment!!

'Comment to Win this Entire Springtime Treasury from Avid Team!' by AlexiaViolaNapa

We're welcoming spring with a wonderful SPRINGTIME TREASURY GIVEAWAY! Simply leave a comment in this Treasury and you will be entered in a random name drawing that will happen on March 1, 2012. Winner will be contacted here on Etsy.

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RESERVED Avid Team Giveaway

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Etsy Love!

So I'm trying to find ways to promote my shop. I sent along a message to the lovely Amy Donda of Amula.

She sent a bunch of helpful information about blogging, giveaways and other different ideas to promote my shop. I'm going to look into them, but of course in a slow fashion due to life and law school!

I thought I'd give her a great shout out on my blog though because her designs are just BEAUTIFUL!

Definitely one of my favorites. So whimsical and lovely! 

Clearly, I'm in a necklace mood, but I just love these. Check out her shop for more beautiful pieces and some great deals on beautiful handmade earrings. 

Anyways, look out for more updates on other things I'm doing to promote, promote, promote! 

Also, look for pictures of Portsmouth, New Hampshire this weekend! Having a lovely stay there with my beau, and it looks just beautiful! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Friday!

Gosh it has been busy for a while. Not so much in my crafting world, but in my real world.

I'm almost done with my last few weeks in school before I head off to an internship. Lots of work to do! Friends to see, clients to work with, and writing to do. Not to mention all the packing! I hate packing. I've been doing it a lot lately, however. Ick. There is so much stuff one accumulates in 7 years of their life. I'm sure I'm going to end up leaving stuff behind, probably angering my room mates.

Anyways, big news is my FIRST craft fair is going to be Sunday Feb. 19. I saw a post for it in my local neighborhood of JP (Jamaica Plain), Massachusetts. It's just a wee flea market in a space near a T station. I hope I get some foot traffic. My more Etsy site has had just 8 sales! Though 8 is better than 0.

I must get back to work- got to do some research and meet with a professor!

My Etsy Shop!