Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First BNR + New Listings!

I posted a ton of new listings in the last few days! Most of them are from a talented member of Elysia Crafts- in fact, my friend Lizzie who taught me to bead! She is an amazing wire-wrapper and she is incredibly creative in her designs.

Here are her purple button earrings:

And here is one of her necklace and earring seed bead sets- the Red and Blue set! So beautiful!

I've also bought into my FIRST BNR!!! BNR is buy and replace, where you buy an item from a shop and one of your items replaces it! Very exciting. I bought from a crafter whose work I LOVE- Veritas Crafts at:

The BNR is here:

Check it out! Buy in if you are an Etsian! So far- it's been a lot of fun! 

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