Sunday, January 8, 2012


This weekend, four friends of mine and I went up to a friend's family house in Maine. It was beautiful! Here is the view from the back porch. 

We had a great time. It was so relaxing! The house was just built last year, everything was new and it was just the most amazing space. When we first got in, we had fun just opening up all the doors and checking it out.

My friends built a lovely fire Saturday afternoon before we began a movie marathon.

We then watched 3 movies in a row! It was great. I got a lot of beading done, though I mostly gave the items to my friends I was with. I had a great time. I hadn't had that much time to bead on holiday vacation so this was most welcome. 

This morning we took a walk. Though I hate the cold- it was very beautiful! Here's a scene. 

Overall, a great weekend! Now back to reality. I've got a class at 10 in the morning, so I better go to bed! Here is a sample of one of the earrings I made in Maine. The photo isn't great- but it was dark when we got back, so I couldn't get any natural light. Really makes a difference! 

Good night to all! 

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